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The Final Days
01/21/2010, 5:56 pm
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If you haven’t been watching the final week of The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, be thankful we live in a time when TV can be found online. Take a look at Wednesday night’s episode. Featuring Ed Helms, Masturbating Bear, Adam Sandler (using the C-word), Joel McHale, and the most expensive comedy bit of all time.

Watch it on Hulu here.

It’s pretty thrilling to watch the show lately, knowing that Conan and his staff are running at this thing with no fear. He’s had great guests (Ricky Gervais, Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari), and has completely embraced the fact that he is getting screwed. It’s made for his best monologues since he’s been on The Tonight Show, and Max has been using Classic Rock songs that must have insanely expensive rights. This complete lack of fear is what has made the show so exciting ever since NBC announced its plans to shuffle up the late night line-up, giving Jay Leno top priority. Two more shows remain, and he already has some pretty high-profile guests planned (Tom Hanks, Robin Williams), and I’m sure some more surprises will be in store. If you have a TiVo or DVR, set it now, if not, Hulu’s got your back.

If this whole debacle is confusing to you, don’t worry. A news organization in Hong Kong has summed it up for us:

Welp. That explains it.


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