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03/26/2010, 11:34 pm
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There is a great write-up over at Slate about the academic fascination with The Wire. Read it here. Professors at Harvard, Duke, UC Berkeley, and Middlebury are teaching entire courses on the show, which many people argue is one of television’s greatest achievements. The article points out that these aren’t media classes, but in the social science department. Any fan of the show shouldn’t be surprised by this, after enjoying The Wire’s endlessly wide scope of Baltimore: the streets, schools, cops, docks, reporters, politicians–the ever sprawling American Bureaucracy.

The article also notes some of the required reading of the courses, including the wonderful Code Of The Street by Elijah Anderson, which works in many ways as a compelling companion to The Wire, giving faces and voices to the social mores that drive much of the culture and crime in today’s cities (in this case, Philadelphia). Highly recommended.

And here, you’ve got ten minutes very well spent. The 100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire (NSFW language):

Illustrations by Blake Hicks. More here.


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