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New Terrence Mallick? Yes, Please.
01/24/2011, 5:38 pm
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Seeing Black Swan is quite an experience, but one of the most striking moments of my night at the theater was being treated to the trailer for Tree Of Life (starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn), Terrence Mallick’s highly anticipated film that’s apparently been wrapped up for two years.

Of the people who consider themselves fans of Terrence Mallick, most of them would consider the writer/director some sort of genius. He made his name with Badlands and Days Of Heaven in the 70s, and then blew moviegoers away twenty years later with the WWII epic, The Thin Red Line (starring everybody, ever, and pulling in seven Academy Award nominations in 1998). And though The New World received mixed reviews, it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Seeing the Tree Of Life trailer on YouTube is intriguing and piqued my interest, but seeing it in a theater emphasized what an auteur Mallick really is. All of his films rely more on meticulous cinematography and space and light and symbolism much more than dialogue or conventional storytelling, and require patience and focus (these aren’t the kind of movies to watch with your laptop open or in the background while you play drinking games). The theater setting enhanced the trailer significantly, and made the 50s period details, the enigmatic shots of space and deserts and churches and water, and the beautiful natural light all the more arresting.

And needless to say, with the growing trend of movies shot digitally (Michael Mann’s films, Aronofsky’s last two, Blue Valentine, etc.), it’s refreshing to see something that LOOKS so fantastic. This will definitely be one to see in the theater. I’d highly recommend revisiting (or visiting) Mallick’s previous films before this one comes out this summer.

For more info and a higher quality trailer (worth it), head to the film’s official site.